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Our products are all natural and chelated, the Ultra Multi itself is wheat free, yeast free, corn and sweetner free,no artificial coloring and no animal derivatives. It has superfoods in it such as, carrots, spinach, beets, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, kale, cauliflower, green tea, giner, dandelion, peppermint, sasparilla, bee pollen, alfalfa, parsley, royal jelly, grape seed extract, pine bark extract and that's just the beginning! Its a Multi vitamin, Superfood and herbal supplement all in ONE!

No other multi provides you with such value, quality and performance! Why use anything else when you can get it all it one?
Enzymes are the primary missing nutritional component in processed and cooked foods. Scientist say the major reason for illness is lack of important enzymes.

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Signature Formulas

Nutritional Supplements designed specifically for high performance and better health

Restore strength, endurance & vital energy. Increase your mental performance, attention span, work capacity & productivity. Contains seven legendary "Root of Life" herbs

Build up strength and energy in your entire body. Bee pollen acts as a Tonic. Boost your immune system and rejuvenate the glandular system.

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Technical SupplementsDesigned to meet specific nutritional needs
Premium natural joint support so there are no side effects. Nutritional support for healthy joints, cartilage and connective tissues.
Men's Healthy Supplements Men's health nutritional supplements
A.J.'s Prostate Formula is a natural, state-of-the-art nutritional formula containing 14 vital prostate supporting ingredients including three herbal extracts.

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Multivitamins are best taken with food, this will ensure you don’t irritate your stomach. Bobby can take his on an empty stomach, but I like to eat first. Some people are just a little more sensitive than others, and if you’re like me, taking a multi without food may make your stomach hurt. Fat soluble nutrients are best taken with a meal that contains fat. These include vitamins A, D, E, and K. It also includes supplements like Co-Q10, fish oil, and curcumin. So it’s not a good idea to take a fat soluble nutrient on an empty stomach, since you won’t get the best absorption. There are some supplements that absorb better on an empty stomach. Supplements such as your amino acids-L-tryptophan and L-carnitine,Amino acids, in particular, since they are competitive for absorption. Haha sounds like my husband and I! Meds should not be taken at the same time as your supplements, they may interfere with your medicines, especially true for minerals. Supplements also interfere with the absorption of different meds, possibly delaying the time they peak in your blood. This holds especially true for fiber supplements. Allow at least two hours between the timing of your meds and your supplements. Then, when all else fails just be safe and consult your family Doctor. We will always try to keep you safe and up to date, yet we do not want anyone having difficulties or creating chaos in your body. :)

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Is Your Body Starving for Nutrients?

   Some symptoms of nutritional deficiencies and poor diets may include fatigue, mental sluggishness, depression, poor memory/attention, irritability, insomnia and premature aging. Sometimes signs of malnutrition are absent or misinterpreted as the normal aches and pains that people accept as a way of life and aging. Your body has a critical need for nutrients to function at peak efficiency. Fail to ingest the nutrients your body requires and lagging energy, fatigue and poor health are almost assured. Meet your body's nutritional needs and you stand an excellent chance of staying trim, healthy and energetic for life. Vitamin supplements, diets and exercise are vital to giving your body the required nutrients it needs. Check out all our healthy recipes.  These are also a key to healthy weight loss. We will try to keep up to date Scientific studies, and health articles here for you so that you can start building your own rejuvenation station within yourself and your family. Because we are not here just for a universal way to help men's health, women's health and your children's health. We have specific products for each individual age group and gender. Focusing specifically on the chemical make up of men's health, women's health and children's health. All in one place. We all know we have different needs to maintain a vigorous, stable, long term life. Ultimately it is each individuals decision on what that means and what will it hold for you in the future. Will you take Herbal supplements, multi-vitamins, superfood's, rejuvenating enzymes which help with digestion, eat healthy diets or even take on a exercise routine?  We know the reflection in the mirror is a thousand words and to be comfortable with who we are, is a great accomplishment. Make a goal to achieve success not just on the outside but from within as well!help to loose weight

Why Should I buy ALTRUM MultiVitamins and Supplements?

  ALTRUM nutritional supplements are your foundation for good health. Formulated from over 25 years of research, the ALTRUM line of multis incorporate the latest research in nutritional science, providing significant levels of every nutrient required for optimal health. Over 130 life-sustaining ingredients are in each of the Ultra Multis including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, enzymes, herbs, amino acids, nutritional oils and more. Experts have shown the standard American diet is likely inadequate in supplying all of the nutrients needed for optimal health from the foods they eat. ALTRUM's "World Best Multis" are an exceptional way to ensure you are getting all of the nutrition you need in the most advanced, most effective way possible. Altrum provides the state-of-the-art multi vitamin with the following benefits: complete with 130 ingredients Correct nutrient balance Protein mineral chelation Superfoods base 1400 mg. Highest-quality standards Premium potencies "World's Best" value We encourage you to print out a list of all the ingredients from any of our line of multivitamins, enzymes, superfoods supplements, signature formulas or technical supplements and herbal supplements then compare them to your current multi or supplements. Take them to your doctor, nutritionist or herbalist and ask his/her opinion. Please be aware that Multivitamins and supplements alone cannot provide you the nutrition your body needs.Vitamins are designed to be in addition to your diet. Taking vitamins with junk foods does not help much, especially when it comes to weight loss. We believe that good nutrition is not only a part of good healthy living, but also a healthy diet, exercise, positive attitude and spiritual health are just as important. We will provide you free information with references to what we have found to be the key to a healthy and happy lifestyle. We will try to stay up to date with news, forums and magazines about exercises, womens health, mens health, new recipes, weight loss plans, appetizing healthy foods, nutritional supplements, even digestive enzymes and superfoods! Make sure you check out the herbal supplements in our super-food based multi. Compare, we know you will be amazed.Our testimonials express that for us. They have all tried several of our nutritional supplements, superfoods and digestive enzymes. We hope you will be our next men's health/women's health testimonial and please contact us we love to hear from our customers and converse with them to better our web site for you! Thank you and God Bless!



MEN, while you are here check out our male enhancement, it will help encourage a new you, and give a whole new meaning to mens health. Your wife will appreciate it for the happiness you can share together. So check out our male power. Male power, male enhancement, will help reverse male impotence. This will help boost testosterone levels and becomes a natural aphrodisiac. So men why not give your days a desire you and your spouse deserve, male enhancement, our male power will increase physical strength and has 13 natural libido-enhancing ingredients, which in turns improves your sexual performance. Ladies do not leave yourself out we have the Vitamin E-400 with Selenium that helps female function also, helping improve womens health at the same time..

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Want the key to unlocking nutrition from your recipes? Digestive enzymes! We have Ultra daily enzymes and daily enzymes along with longevity enzymes! Enzymes run and renew our bodies and they help defend against aging, heartburn / indigestion and inflammation. Enzymes are the primary missing nutrition in processed and cooked foods, because they are removed to extend shelf life. Scientists say the major reason for illness in womens health and mens health is the lack of important enzymes.



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If you aren’t getting your daily source of vitamins & minerals, you need to find another source to get your nutrients from. Supplementation is a great option as long as it's a Brand you trust for you and your family.


We need to make sure we aren't throwing our money away on supplements. So make sure they are absorbable, I know there are a lot of options out there and they are not all the same. Make healthy choices, by making informed decisions.Here’s another general rule to go by: When buying minerals, go for the chelated versions — this is where the mineral is attached to an amino acid or organic compound. These are also better absorbed for all the reasons we take them for so I body can utilize them the way it needs to, with out just throwing our money down the drain..ALTRUM PRODUCTS are chelated and absorbed.

natural remedies Always read your labels and know the ingredients.There is a lot of evil that goes on out there and they are not there working for us, but against us and destroying our Health  for selfish reasons and financial gain. We know what I am talking about, with out mentioning it. Let's be safe and be informed not reformed to the ways that seem easy and what everyone else is doing.


 NOTE:Please talk with your doctor before taking any supplements, starting any fitness plans, diet and/or exercise programs. Read up on some of our health articles as well while you are with us.


Complete Daily Health is an Independent AMSOIL dealer located in Rogers, Arkansas.

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Hi everyone! Welcome to the beginning of great things to come! We will have a few more things to add soon, so stay connected! Our Blog will hopefully work soon as well. We are trying to work out the kinks. Then,  our book is being written while we type and we hope to get social and connected real soon!

We will be under construction for some time, so contact us by email if you have any questions. We will be adding new information often, because we are always looking for what you are looking for.

Soon to come we will have spiritual health advice, devotionals, recipes, exercise plans, fitness ideas, a blog, cleansing help, energy, weight loss help & men's health topics, family health, womens health help and so much more, so excited so let's link up!

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We are looking forward to this new chapter of our lives. We are now right there with you searching for the next best cleanse, diet, raw recipes, clean eating plans, work outs, weight loss tips, all natural remedies, rejuvanating products & fitness programs.


family healthWhen we are looking to make Life style changes, we usually are working at creating a healthier environment, not destroy it. We are always looking for the best for our family and now for yours. We see new results and  benefits everyday from the products we take, the diet we eat and the exercises we do and we hope you will as well.

heart healthyAs we learn more, we hope to help us all make Healthier Life choices, changing the "HOUSE" we live in, being OUR BODIES, since it is the only one we get here on earth, we better get to it, while we still have time for construction and repairs.

Have fun browsing, if we can help you please contact us!

Through helping you, it helps us & Blesses us. One small change in our habits for the better, can turn into many others, leading to a life time of accomplishments. Along with, a high quality of life, so we can have long, healthy lives with the ones we love!

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So excited about all our new arrivals! Please let's connect & link up! We are soon to be up and running with you all on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus & Pinterest soon, so we hope to see you there also.

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